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  1. jeff says:

    hey I see you finally got your own blog….I’d like to mention it sometime soon on bluoz since you’re doing the same thing I am down on Minna….BTW, I stopped working at Ford Graphics a few months ago….thankfully….it was getting too much to see that all day and then all night here on stevenson

    btw, I think that guy in your latest post peaking out of the room and yelling at you is one of those bike thieves

  2. ZhuZhitzu says:

    That fine gentlemen was once a resident of the Rose Hotel at 125 6th Street. This fine member of society owes the majority of his rent to the San Francisco Housing Authority. I live on Natoma and have loads of photographic gold should you ever want to see it.

  3. ZhuZhitzu says:

    I remember this. Van caught fire. SFFD shows up. Puts it out, pulled out all the trash that was burning it, hosed it down and left it there DPT tows the van but DPW left trash there for a full day

  4. mark snyder says:

    Um you stood there instigating these people and then you called the cops on them? You’re wasting my taxpayer money by sending out cops for NOTHING.

    • dewey says:

      “instigate • bring about or initiate”

      not sure how you figure, mark. a guy screaming and yelling, smoking crack or meth, standing on the street outside my window. i called the cops and then videotaped him. i went to meet the cops. my other option was to just call the cops and do nothing else … the cops would have done nothing had i not met them, so that was not a viable option. i suppose another option was to do nothing and just let the guy go on and on and on and that was not a viable option, either.

      in this case i called the police because of the noise, but i might say you are wasting my taxpayer money by enabling these people to live in the SROs and deal and use with impunity.

      • texas man says:

        well said, and i have been accosted there before, I totally recognize the alley lol walking with my gf to a friends house we were assaulted. however they made the mistake of thinking I’m a native to San Fran and should know better than to mess with a big Texan lol.

      • mark says:

        So you’d rather our tax payer money go to have them live in jail? That’ll help. not.

  5. Jeremy says:


    Just wanted to let you know that I’m a fan. Just discovered your blog and I am gonna be discussing it in the near future on my site. Let me know if you ever see anything crazy, and I’ll help spread the word.


  6. Truth says:

    I don’t blame him after seeing the amount of pictures you take of people shitting on the sidewalk.

  7. cryptomail says:

    True embed, true journo. Very nice, and thank you for doing this.

  8. cryptomail says:

    I love this site, and I would invite you to be a bit less pretty princess about these posts, sir.
    More objectivity, less vindictiveness. The undertone of “well I wasn’t going to post this…but since he’s gnarred me, well ok here you go kthxbai!” just doesn’t cut it from a journo perspective 🙂
    Makes for good drama though.
    Just keep that in mind.

    I like what your site possibly stands for. Keep up the good work.

    • dewey says:

      thanks for the comment. i don’t know as though i’ve tried to pass this off as “journo”. i’m posting this stuff because i’ve heard so many people express doubt that these things even happen, because i am so weary of seeing people shitting, fucking, hollering, and shooting up every other time i look outside, because i truly believe people need to be called to task a whole lot more for their behavior, and because i’m pissed about all of it and this is my way of venting. but i hold no delusions of grand social change brought about because of my actions.

      standing outside anyone’s apartment and harassing them for no reason by screaming that they’re a pedophile, shooting up and tossing your needles on the street, and shitting in public are all behaviors that should not be acceptable in any part of town. it’s time we expected better from our community; it’s time we demanded better from our community.

      • cryptomail says:

        I understand you’re pissed. Maybe you can’t move. The people that live there can’t either. They’re stuck. Choices, for whatever reasons, have been limited. Your value system is different than theirs. Welcome to reality. It’s called the war of class: frequently correlated with race but not necessarily caused by it.
        The only way to combat this behavior is though education. The battle is with children, within the classroom, and at their homes. That’s what we must do as a society. Focus on children, and teach them the mores we want to be perpetuated. It’s hard, expensive, and currently dismissed as a stop-loss I’m outta here situation to most.
        When we stop sweeping people and their children under the rug, people will stop shitting and fucking in alleys.
        I hope you either get the opportunity to get out of there, or help effect change somehow. I honestly don’t have the time, so I’m just as guilty as running away from it as everyone else. 🙁

  9. Julian says:

    I lived in that area (moss st near 7th and howard) and I just want to tell you that you seem like a whinny yuppy with too much time on your hands. Yuppies always feel they have more of a right to be someplace simply because they have more money. Everyone knows how that neighborhood is. If you don’t like it, leave. Put you camera away and stop exploiting people for your own amusement. People who have obviously hit rock bottom. You won the game of life dude. Do you really have to shit on people who’ve failed? Your tone on this site is just gross.


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  11. texas man says:

    I say fuck the ppl who are hurt by the site, and nkeep posting. (the ppl I’m talking about getting hurt are the wones who say this site is wrong)

  12. Mister Big says:

    Wow, good stuff. I thought my particular block in the Mission was hardcore, but you win. You win. Keep filming. Shed light on this. We shouldn’t allow it to happen. This is not class warfare. This is just decency and intervening before people hit the kind of sub rock bottom you are documenting.

  13. Joe says:

    What is the white tubular object sticking out of her butt?

    • dewey says:

      ha. that’s the same question i had when i first looked at the images. it’s not something extending from her butt, thankfully for all. it’s something attached to the building, i think, and the angle just makes it look like it’s attached to her.

      • John says:

        Na that’s definitely not attached to the building. You can see it’s angle change when she moves and at the end when she’s over by the car you don’t see anything sticking out of the wall by the table. That may be a bag wrapped up and where she stores all her drugs and shit.

  14. theresa says:

    I used to work at the mall on market between 4th and 5th and was totally aware of all the degenerate activity occurring only a couple of blocks away. It always tripped me out how all this occurred in such close proximity to a high pedestrian traffic and tourist frequented area.

  15. Lola says:

    That is amazing, love it!

  16. S. Daniel says:

    Check out the surveillance video of the guy robbing our office at the Ninth Street IFC–not who anyone expects in this neighborhood:

  17. Kevin says:

    I would like to blow up a print of one of the photos on your site. I was hoping that I might have your permission to do that and, if so, a high resolution copy of the file. Email me if you’re interested in working something out.


  18. Karen says:

    Cabure showed me your site and it’s hilarious! I linked it to many of my friends on FB. Just wanna say keep up the good work!

  19. Jeff says:

    glad to see you’re still posting

    we used to see tons of needles in the parking lot below you. that would be the ford graphics parking lot, where they parked all their trucks. I haven’t worked there since October and heard that most of the shop is closed down now with only 1 guy in the basement. The moved most of the operation to BPS on Bryant So I’m not aware of what it’s like now….Did they clear out all the vehicles and is it locked up all the time?

    but yeah, people used to sneak into that parking lot and shoot up drugs and leave needles behind between the trucks all the time…I remember once finding 20 needles in a pile

  20. Jeff says:

    hey, just so you know, Livesoma is going in depth about this now

    also, the central market CBD has tons of documentation about 6th and minna including the illegal dumping by the Sunnyside and Auburn at 6th and Minna…this PDF is about the biggest one they’ve done yet

    they found 80 needles in the dirt lot next to the Auburn

    this is one of their best reports yet

  21. Eugene Hulbert says:

    There are “levels” of gentrification. I wouldn’t want the place to be like Union st., but it could be be more like say Polk and Bush . I don’t want to see low income people displaced but there are a number of creeps that need to not only be run out, but also locked up.

  22. Ethel says:

    This is a common occurrence in the Lower Haight as well and it seems way more prevalent around the 1st of the month when people [pigs really] are moving.

  23. dewey says:

    i’ve seen plenty of folks shooting up in the parking lot, and plenty of stray needles, but this stash was thrown out one of the windows of the auburn hotel next to the parking lot and is probably the pile to which you refer.

  24. zhuzhitzu says:

    The Auburn is a terrible place, with terrible tenants and terrible management.

  25. joel says:

    You’re assuming a lot of facts in your post. For starters, you assume to know what any one is doing any where, and there social-economic background as well. I have news for you, I am the “evil white man from a so called well-off family,” I got the news letter (As I do every week, along with the subscription to Klans man of the month and Naked Nazi Babes.), and I can assure you….. No one moves to a crappy neighborhood, to attempt to eject and gentrify. It’s more along the lines of, you’re used to a certain standard of people not pissing on everything or smoking crack in broad day light in the street, and think “How can I help?”

    Why? Here is the thing. On my block, the residence tolerated that lifestyle for so long, no one wanted to try (Less they fail). Granted SF’s Finest did most of the work, but you’d be surprised at the level of good which can be accomplished when people don’t fear the police, and the community works with them. Your whole gentrification theory is awesome. Write a book, cause I hate to be the bringer of bad news….. It just doesn’t happen. About the only time my neighborhood, my block not included is thought of, by those back home, is when they come to pick me up. At which point it is always the same. “How do you live hear?”

    “Quite happily,” I tell them. See instead of pointing fingers at evil “Whoever they/we are in your head,” and blaming others. My neighbors and I started a neighborhood watch, got out the word, worked with the police, and after about a month the word on the street is “That block is hot.” Good for me, back for those whom use my street as an open air toilet, smoke crack under our windows, yell all night, and actually rob people.

    You seem passionate, but you’re not sure about what. How dare those damned middle class families send their youth into a neighborhood, paying rent, buying things, and attempting to clean up their little part of San Francisco in their own way. We are truly truly evil. I castrate myself before you, and beg a thousand apologies for being proactive, instead of a finger pointing, ignorant, whom assumes a bunch of facts which are unknowable, generalizes, stereo-types, and actually complains because crime rates drop???? I guess that was your argument. Any way, good luck being angry. It’s not for me.

  26. mon says:

    this was the biggest joke. so they cut off Russ St so they could put in seating area with some redundant mural. Oh yes, its nice… if you can see it from all the garbage/crap that usually lines the street. So after this wonderful idea was installed, a group of young criminals decided this was their new hang out! Wonderful! So now from already being on edge from 6th street, I now had thugs camped daily at my front door. After I then saw them chase a man and stab him, it was definitely time to move. I blasted the city people about this….. gold star idiots. They don’t think of the consequences of their bs ‘solutions’. “oh wow, lets put in a nice mural, seats and trees and the place will be better”. Morons. the place is run by absolute morons.

  27. Alex Krieger says:

    I love this hotel!!

  28. SC says:

    I used to work on Natoma/7th and remember the poop and vomit every day walking to work. It’s a struggle balancing the inevitable NIMBY gentrification of the area against having a diverse neighborhood. Most people I know from that era moved away (including businesses) and maybe romanticize the grit of the area. It’s not easy working or living a normal life in the alleys.

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  30. Laura says:

    Hi – I’m working on a public art and placemaking project in the area bounded by 5th, 6th, Howard, and Mission. I’d love to get your input! Please get in touch if you want to know more.

  31. robert says:

    I am interested to find out if any of your photos are taken in the Natoma st alley between 5th and 6th street. I was planning on attending a number of conferences and workshops at an agency that recently relocated there but it looks unsafe and gross. Please let me know.

    • dewey says:

      most of the pictures here were taken in the area bounded by 4th and 7th streets, and market and folsom streets, which wold include natoma between 5th and 6th.

      yep, some of the area is gross, but some is nice, and i would not call it unsafe. any place can be unsafe depending on the time and activity, and that is true for this area. i wouldn’t not come to your workshops based on just these photos.

      (i’m curious to learn what firm has relocated to that part of the street; it’s not exactly a massive residential or business area. there are a few apartment buildings and smaller dwellings, and then there are a few small businesses.)

  32. streetlion says:

    The clown in the vest putting the bike on the white car is JOHN THAXTON

  33. streetlion says:

    The guy in the vest is John Thaxton

  34. Tifa says:

    Seeing as I work from home, I can’t wait till construction is over!

    By the way, I just wanted to comment that your blog is great and it makes me feel better knowing other people care about the neighborhood. I’m a recent transfer to SF (and I think we might actually live in the same building) and this neighborhood was complete culture shock for me. I’m growing to love it and I hope there are many other people living here that agree it doesn’t have to be this way.

    Keep up the good work!

  35. dumbo says:

    You guys are really something. OMG. 80 rigs were found next to the Auburn. Oh Christ. Better call the cops.

    Get the fuck over yourselves & stop meddling in other people’s business. & for the record, “dewey”, you ARE a faggot.

  36. guitarguyemg81 says:

    i am a homo lol

  37. Mia says:


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  38. TheJazz Guitar Hobo says:

    pissing and shitting in public are all behaviours that should not be acceptable in any part of town. it’s time we expected better from our community; it’s time we demanded better from our community.

    I have lived in 100s of cities. hobo train hop hitch hiker bicycle long distance. your insistence that people should not relieve themselves in public is nonesence.
    Perfect Logical Fallacy.

  39. Old And Famous says:

    The Sickness of Young Americoons is appalling & Sick. You won the game of life dude. Do you really have to shit on people who’ve failed? Your tone on this site is just gross. And your Behaviour Exhibits a Serious DSM III Mental Disorder, which is also a Serious Criminal Offense.

    I ascertain that you have moved away, weren’t you hospitalised for a while? It is awful that you were hurt so badly, yet Jeff in the Senica hides his Crack E Cheese CAM & Is Extremely Careful about not having his “True Identity: known, on 6th. Street it is (As You Realise now) a Tradition to Mess Up People such as you, Poor Fool! You Put your Yuppie Ass Face in Their Business, & They’re faces in the Public’s Face; Your Face gets Broken.

    Thrown off your Roof, Skull Crushed, now you are on Social Security Disability…I saw you volunteering at Senior Meals place on Turk Street.

    Yelling at people as you video them shooting dope shows “Who The DOPE Really is!”

    I am John from Waco Texas, & I approve the Yuppie Extermination & Genocide Treaty signed by George H.W. Bush & William J. Clinton….Agenda 21.

  40. T. Francolino says:

    I love how this drugged out loser does whatever he wants in YOUR neighborhood, and all you’re concerned about is that he said the word N*****.

    You are part of the problem.

    [N.B.: edited the last word of the first sentence. -dewey]

    • dewey says:

      . . . bear in mind that all you know about this incident is what you’ve read here.

      • John Trudell says:

        Dewey, you stand out as the TRUMP FASCIST NAZI SCUM that IS SO FAR ABOVE these beasts that you can Mock, Deride and SHIT ON THEM with impunity.

        You must have been raised a Southern Baptist White Clown Supremacist

        Like our Founding Fathers who Eagerly Practised Racial Genocide to Seize the Land your filthy ass squats on.
        Modern Humans are Walking Dead! ~John Trudell

  41. Ex-Wife says:

    I think I know that man. Is his name Philip and is he from Brooklyn?

  42. dewey says:

    sorry, we don’t know. the photo was taken in san francisco.

    • Ex-Wife says:

      Yes, he lives in San Francisco now. He wasn’t always this way (though he had his problems). He comes from a big, stable Italian family in Bensonhurst Brooklyn that lost track of him many years ago.. It’s probably best that he stays lost.

  43. Silky says:

    bruh you ain’t a job? A girlfriend? A boyfriend? A mother to call? Anything to keep you from spending 3 hours watching someone dump trash on the ground. I genuinely feel like I wasted 4 mins of my life reading this dumb shit you wrote hoping that something of substance would happen but no; my time was completely wasted. If i could, I would throw this post into the middle of the street with the rest of the garbage. Get a hobby dude.

  44. says:

    Dude instead of pictures I would be taking my gun and really take care of the problem, but that’s how we do it in the red states lol

  45. Greg Danel says:

    I knew this guy and you’re totally wrong on you’re assumptions and seem to have a chip on you’re shoulder because you are gay.