What do you do with those pictures …

… jerk off?

tonight there was some more action in the old dirty alley and i walked out to take some pictures.  this man, who lives right next door to my building and is no stranger to me, stuck his head out his window and, upon seeing me with my camera, began calling me a pedophile and a faggot and a freak and generally just chatting me up, all friendly like.  as i usually do, i just ignored him, finished what I was doing, and went back inside.


when i was out with my camera for a second time tonight he put his head out the window again and, very politely, asked what I did with the pictures.  but before i could barely draw a breath to answer he added “jerk off?” and then launched into his pedophile/faggot/freak routine again.  he finally heard me when i said i put them on this website.  included in his tirade was a warning to me that if there were any pictures of him on here that he was going to “wait outside your door and kick your fucking ass”.  it’s certainly not the first time a resident of 481 minna street has threatened me with violence.*

i certainly wouldn’t put someone’s picture on here just because they stuck their head out a window.  but over the past couple of years this guy has hollered his share of insults at me, always unprovoked.  i didn’t even start taking pictures of him until after he started screaming at me last year when he saw me taking pictures of other folks in the alley.  that was a day when, on his way to work, he hopped on his bicycle and, as he rode by, kept hollering ‘pedophile’.  (or maybe that was directed at one of the two registered sex offenders who live in his building, i dunno.**)

Tuesday, 06-Apr-2010, standing on the street hollering “pedophile”.

more recently, on friday, february 4, 2010 at about 3 am i was awakened by some more screaming in the alley.  armed with my camera i went outside, but all i witnessed was this man throwing a pane of glass (or mirror) out his window onto the concrete parking lot below.  of course, it shattered handily upon landing.  my understanding is that glass neither flies for very long nor bounces.

how much trash is acceptable to just toss out one’s window?  i always thought the correct answer was “none”.  but i guess that’s incorrect, because this is not the first time i have seen him throw stuff out his window, and he’s not alone … watch long enough (and long enough isn’t very long) and you’re bound to see some trash fly out of one of the windows into the parking lot.  indeed, in less than 96 hours i have witnessed four separate instances where trash has come flying out of a 481 minna street window only to land in the parking lot for the owners of said lot to clean up.

so, not just because you stick your head out a window, but because you stick your head out a window and spew bile, and because you literally throw trash out your window, thereby making it someone else’s problem, you rightfully get a spot in the old dirty alley.  don’t fret, there’s always been a spot for you … tonight’s tirade just hurried the unveiling.

* so if you find me all bloodied and beaten send the cops for this guy 🙂

** last time i checked the publicly available meagan’s law website there were two registered sex offenders living at 481 minna street.

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11 Responses to What do you do with those pictures …

  1. ZhuZhitzu says:

    That fine gentlemen was once a resident of the Rose Hotel at 125 6th Street. This fine member of society owes the majority of his rent to the San Francisco Housing Authority. I live on Natoma and have loads of photographic gold should you ever want to see it.

  2. Truth says:

    I don’t blame him after seeing the amount of pictures you take of people shitting on the sidewalk.

  3. cryptomail says:

    I love this site, and I would invite you to be a bit less pretty princess about these posts, sir.
    More objectivity, less vindictiveness. The undertone of “well I wasn’t going to post this…but since he’s gnarred me, well ok here you go kthxbai!” just doesn’t cut it from a journo perspective 🙂
    Makes for good drama though.
    Just keep that in mind.

    I like what your site possibly stands for. Keep up the good work.

    • dewey says:

      thanks for the comment. i don’t know as though i’ve tried to pass this off as “journo”. i’m posting this stuff because i’ve heard so many people express doubt that these things even happen, because i am so weary of seeing people shitting, fucking, hollering, and shooting up every other time i look outside, because i truly believe people need to be called to task a whole lot more for their behavior, and because i’m pissed about all of it and this is my way of venting. but i hold no delusions of grand social change brought about because of my actions.

      standing outside anyone’s apartment and harassing them for no reason by screaming that they’re a pedophile, shooting up and tossing your needles on the street, and shitting in public are all behaviors that should not be acceptable in any part of town. it’s time we expected better from our community; it’s time we demanded better from our community.

      • cryptomail says:

        I understand you’re pissed. Maybe you can’t move. The people that live there can’t either. They’re stuck. Choices, for whatever reasons, have been limited. Your value system is different than theirs. Welcome to reality. It’s called the war of class: frequently correlated with race but not necessarily caused by it.
        The only way to combat this behavior is though education. The battle is with children, within the classroom, and at their homes. That’s what we must do as a society. Focus on children, and teach them the mores we want to be perpetuated. It’s hard, expensive, and currently dismissed as a stop-loss I’m outta here situation to most.
        When we stop sweeping people and their children under the rug, people will stop shitting and fucking in alleys.
        I hope you either get the opportunity to get out of there, or help effect change somehow. I honestly don’t have the time, so I’m just as guilty as running away from it as everyone else. 🙁

  4. texas man says:

    I say fuck the ppl who are hurt by the site, and nkeep posting. (the ppl I’m talking about getting hurt are the wones who say this site is wrong)

  5. TheJazz Guitar Hobo says:

    pissing and shitting in public are all behaviours that should not be acceptable in any part of town. it’s time we expected better from our community; it’s time we demanded better from our community.

    I have lived in 100s of cities. hobo train hop hitch hiker bicycle long distance. your insistence that people should not relieve themselves in public is nonesence.
    Perfect Logical Fallacy.

  6. Ex-Wife says:

    I think I know that man. Is his name Philip and is he from Brooklyn?

  7. dewey says:

    sorry, we don’t know. the photo was taken in san francisco.

    • Ex-Wife says:

      Yes, he lives in San Francisco now. He wasn’t always this way (though he had his problems). He comes from a big, stable Italian family in Bensonhurst Brooklyn that lost track of him many years ago.. It’s probably best that he stays lost.

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