Trash on Natoma

“gee i have a bunch of burned stuff. guess i’ll go make it someone else’s problem.”

tuesday night/wednesday morning … someone just decides to pull up in front of a building and dump a load of burned trash on to the street. i simply do not understand how that thought process works.

and from the city’s standpoint, the logic escapes me. they seem to be saying “we don’t have enough money to track down who dumps this stuff, but we do have enough cash to keep sending out the DPW crews to clean it up.”

why is this ok?


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  1. ZhuZhitzu says:

    I remember this. Van caught fire. SFFD shows up. Puts it out, pulled out all the trash that was burning it, hosed it down and left it there DPT tows the van but DPW left trash there for a full day

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