The Minna Street Huffer

just a random day.  heard some hollering in the alley … turned out it was this guy … huffing on a can of compressed air and repeatedly screaming “your mama … n*****”.  and each time, he drew out the n-word for a second or two.  he was huffing and hollering for about 20 minutes.  he eventually saw me taking pictures and wisely decided to leave.  i’m surprised someone didn’t beat his ass, because imho that is exactly what he needed.

who the f*&# huffs from a can of compressed air?  whatever is left of his lungs must be frozen.


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along with the whole scene in general, a funny thing is that in the picture where he was flipping the bird, it wasn’t intended for anyone in particular … he didn’t even know he was being photographed at that point.  oh, and the compressed air.  pretty effing retarded.

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3 Responses to The Minna Street Huffer

  1. T. Francolino says:

    I love how this drugged out loser does whatever he wants in YOUR neighborhood, and all you’re concerned about is that he said the word N*****.

    You are part of the problem.

    [N.B.: edited the last word of the first sentence. -dewey]

    • dewey says:

      . . . bear in mind that all you know about this incident is what you’ve read here.

      • John Trudell says:

        Dewey, you stand out as the TRUMP FASCIST NAZI SCUM that IS SO FAR ABOVE these beasts that you can Mock, Deride and SHIT ON THEM with impunity.

        You must have been raised a Southern Baptist White Clown Supremacist

        Like our Founding Fathers who Eagerly Practised Racial Genocide to Seize the Land your filthy ass squats on.
        Modern Humans are Walking Dead! ~John Trudell

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