SOMA Alley Beautification Project Phase II

YES!!!!!! The time has come for the Phase II of the SOMA alley beautification project. This project will clean and improve sidewalks and streets on Natoma, Minna, Shipley and Tehama between 5th and 6th Street. Having completed the alleys between 6th and 7th just a few months ago representitives of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and the Department of Public Works gave an overview of the project, set to begin construction in January 2012 and set for completion in June or July of 2012. Scope of work includes planting of trees and shrubs, new asphalt with decorative imprinted patterns, raised crosswalks and chicanes. The project is being described as serving two purposes, improving aesthetics of the area and making the area a more pedestrian friendly area.

No mention made of safety concerns in the neighborhood as of late.

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  1. mon says:

    this was the biggest joke. so they cut off Russ St so they could put in seating area with some redundant mural. Oh yes, its nice… if you can see it from all the garbage/crap that usually lines the street. So after this wonderful idea was installed, a group of young criminals decided this was their new hang out! Wonderful! So now from already being on edge from 6th street, I now had thugs camped daily at my front door. After I then saw them chase a man and stab him, it was definitely time to move. I blasted the city people about this….. gold star idiots. They don’t think of the consequences of their bs ‘solutions’. “oh wow, lets put in a nice mural, seats and trees and the place will be better”. Morons. the place is run by absolute morons.

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