Panic in Needle Park

Having woken up this morning I was more then a little surprised to notice, not one, not two, not even three but four. Four syringes of various type within 20 feet of each other on Natoma Street. This wouldnt be that disconcerting had it not been a result of one or two nights partying. How do I know? Well, had those needles been there prior to Early AM 6/09/11 the street sweeper would or should have picked it up. At any rate finding this many needles in such close proximity to one another does not bode well for the 6th Street Beautification Project

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3 Responses to Panic in Needle Park

  1. Jeff says:

    glad to see you’re still posting

    we used to see tons of needles in the parking lot below you. that would be the ford graphics parking lot, where they parked all their trucks. I haven’t worked there since October and heard that most of the shop is closed down now with only 1 guy in the basement. The moved most of the operation to BPS on Bryant So I’m not aware of what it’s like now….Did they clear out all the vehicles and is it locked up all the time?

    but yeah, people used to sneak into that parking lot and shoot up drugs and leave needles behind between the trucks all the time…I remember once finding 20 needles in a pile

  2. dewey says:

    i’ve seen plenty of folks shooting up in the parking lot, and plenty of stray needles, but this stash was thrown out one of the windows of the auburn hotel next to the parking lot and is probably the pile to which you refer.

  3. zhuzhitzu says:

    The Auburn is a terrible place, with terrible tenants and terrible management.

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