Stacy & Witbeck, Inc.

in 2005 and 2006, while the 6th street beautification project was underway, along with the construction of the plaza hotel/apartments for the homeless, there was a vacant lot in the 400 block of natoma street (between 6th and 5th streets) which was used for a construction staging area and as a storage area for some heavy equipment, street barriers, and the like. contractors stacy and witbeck were doing some of the work in the area.

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just because you don’t shoot up doesn’t mean you can’t bring your own brand of class into the world, as demonstrated by this guy (these images were taken on friday, october 21, 2005, at about 3:30 pm):


i was on my patio, which is above the vacant lot, and saw a stacy and witbeck employee urinate out in the open, even though there was a port-o-potty a few feet away. i hollered at him to “use the port-o-potty the next time”. instead of saying something easy, like “sure”, he gave me the finger, hollered back “fuck you” and then began a short tirade by calling me “homo”, “fag”, and “faggot”. such a man. at one point during his tirade he grabbed his crotch and thrust it in my general direction. then he walked toward his stacy and witbeck truck which was parked on the sidewalk (illegally, i might add). he then grabbed the chain-link fence and started gyrating his hips back and forth, again in my general direction. sigh, sometimes, you just wish they were cuter. and smarter. i mean, the effing port-o-potty was was right-over-there.

i called beau murdock at stacy and witbeck, to ask how it was that city funds were used to pay the salary of such a homophobe (or closet case, not sure which). but beau never gave me the courtesy of a call back.

so, for the class that is this guy, and for the class that is beau murdock for never getting back to me, stacy and witbeck get a puddle on the old dirty alley walk of shame.

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4 Responses to Stacy & Witbeck, Inc.

  1. Julian says:

    I lived in that area (moss st near 7th and howard) and I just want to tell you that you seem like a whinny yuppy with too much time on your hands. Yuppies always feel they have more of a right to be someplace simply because they have more money. Everyone knows how that neighborhood is. If you don’t like it, leave. Put you camera away and stop exploiting people for your own amusement. People who have obviously hit rock bottom. You won the game of life dude. Do you really have to shit on people who’ve failed? Your tone on this site is just gross.


  2. Old And Famous says:

    The Sickness of Young Americoons is appalling & Sick. You won the game of life dude. Do you really have to shit on people who’ve failed? Your tone on this site is just gross. And your Behaviour Exhibits a Serious DSM III Mental Disorder, which is also a Serious Criminal Offense.

    I ascertain that you have moved away, weren’t you hospitalised for a while? It is awful that you were hurt so badly, yet Jeff in the Senica hides his Crack E Cheese CAM & Is Extremely Careful about not having his “True Identity: known, on 6th. Street it is (As You Realise now) a Tradition to Mess Up People such as you, Poor Fool! You Put your Yuppie Ass Face in Their Business, & They’re faces in the Public’s Face; Your Face gets Broken.

    Thrown off your Roof, Skull Crushed, now you are on Social Security Disability…I saw you volunteering at Senior Meals place on Turk Street.

    Yelling at people as you video them shooting dope shows “Who The DOPE Really is!”

    I am John from Waco Texas, & I approve the Yuppie Extermination & Genocide Treaty signed by George H.W. Bush & William J. Clinton….Agenda 21.

  3. Greg Danel says:

    I knew this guy and you’re totally wrong on you’re assumptions and seem to have a chip on you’re shoulder because you are gay.

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