Shooting on Old Dirty Alley


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3 Responses to Shooting on Old Dirty Alley

  1. Jeff says:

    hey, just so you know, Livesoma is going in depth about this now

    also, the central market CBD has tons of documentation about 6th and minna including the illegal dumping by the Sunnyside and Auburn at 6th and Minna…this PDF is about the biggest one they’ve done yet

    they found 80 needles in the dirt lot next to the Auburn

    this is one of their best reports yet

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  3. dumbo says:

    You guys are really something. OMG. 80 rigs were found next to the Auburn. Oh Christ. Better call the cops.

    Get the fuck over yourselves & stop meddling in other people’s business. & for the record, “dewey”, you ARE a faggot.

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