Weird of the day …

weird of the day:  a woman getting the bandage on her buttock changed.  pants ankle-high.  on the street.  in public.  and not in the most sanitary place in town.  said damage was probably caused in the first place by shooting up, or is something meth-related.  i did have a moment of guilt where i wasn’t going to put up these photos.  but that vanished as soon as i saw the lighter in her hand and realized she was high as hell.  i know, i know, gross assumptions.  but i’ll bet dollars to donuts …

420 graffiti, a sewing machine, a buttock wound and a poo stain running down the wall all conspired to create this  weird of the day.


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3 Responses to Weird of the day …

  1. Joe says:

    What is the white tubular object sticking out of her butt?

    • dewey says:

      ha. that’s the same question i had when i first looked at the images. it’s not something extending from her butt, thankfully for all. it’s something attached to the building, i think, and the angle just makes it look like it’s attached to her.

      • John says:

        Na that’s definitely not attached to the building. You can see it’s angle change when she moves and at the end when she’s over by the car you don’t see anything sticking out of the wall by the table. That may be a bag wrapped up and where she stores all her drugs and shit.

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