that’s one way to clean the alley!

wednesday, november 30, 2011. about 5:50 pm. corner of sixth and natoma. cab rear-ends car, car jumps curb, car shears off fire hydrant, car bounces off building, car comes to rest on sidewalk. water pressure, being what it is, results in a geyser about 30-40 feet high for about 15-20 minutes. they took the driver of the vehicle to the hospital (no word on her condition) but her passenger/husband was unharmed.

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Drinking in public before Lunch?!?!?

It seems that Natoma, between 6th and Mary, has become an early morning “safe” place to drink 40 oz Malt Liquor drinks for a group of approximately 5 individuals of Central or South American descent. They typically arrive about 7:15 am and leave at 10:00 or 10:30 am. While walking the dog on a number of occasions I followed them from the Homeless Shelter, on 5th and Bryant, to the place of their daily morning ritual (Natoma Street) If you happen to live in the hood and find yourself passing these guys, please, please, please call SFPD Non Emergency Number for the local station house (415)553-0123, tell them what you see, give them your name and number and request the officer make contact with you upon completion of the work ticket. The only difference it seems between this hood and say… Nob Hill, is the sheer number of individuals willing to make that call and “get involved” please call, please follow up and above all engage the Police when you see them and let them know what you see. It’s the base model of Community Policing.

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take my trash, please …

why bother with properly disposing of your unwanted stuff when you can just dump it on someone else and make it their responsibility?  like this guy did:

wednesday, july 27, 1:53 pm.  just an everyday picture of a couple of methheads (crackheads?) hiding out between some cars and getting high.  note the mattress on top of the vehicle to the right:

a scant 45 or so minutes later and the mattress has been dumped and left on the sidewalk in order to make way for a bicycle:

when asked why they were leaving their mattress, the driver and his passenger said “someone wanted it” and “we’ll be back for it later”.  uh huh.


fast forward another ten minutes and someone is already putting the mattress to use … and it’s not long before he begins to draw a crowd.


a call to san francisco’s 311 resulted not in anyone interested in the details about the person doing the illegal dumping, but instead resulted in a work ticket for the department of public works to come ’round and pick up the discarded mattress.

i fail to see The City’s logic in being able to afford workers who will pick up the mattress, but not being able to afford to investigate and prosecute the person doing the illegal dumping.  i think it would be fair to recover from the illegal dumper all the costs associated with picking up and properly discarding the mattress, plus a healthy fine and a loss of his driving privileges for a year or more.  i wonder if those types of punishments would convince people to stop doing this.  doubt it.

we have photos of the offenders (even a crappy video clip that’s not posted here), dates and times, a license plate number, and a witness.  but we will do nothing about it except to expend scarce dollars to divest ourselves of a responsibility that was forced upon us by someone who is too lazy and inconsiderate to think of anything but themselves.

hey, mister driver of a white oldsmobile bravada sporting california license plate 4GKJ594:  why is this ok?

hey, residents of san francisco:  why is this ok?

hey, city management:  why is this ok?

oh, the crackheads?  they got scared off by the folks doing the illegal dumping.  there is a pecking order, after all.

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SOMA Alley Beautification Project Phase II

YES!!!!!! The time has come for the Phase II of the SOMA alley beautification project. This project will clean and improve sidewalks and streets on Natoma, Minna, Shipley and Tehama between 5th and 6th Street. Having completed the alleys between 6th and 7th just a few months ago representitives of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and the Department of Public Works gave an overview of the project, set to begin construction in January 2012 and set for completion in June or July of 2012. Scope of work includes planting of trees and shrubs, new asphalt with decorative imprinted patterns, raised crosswalks and chicanes. The project is being described as serving two purposes, improving aesthetics of the area and making the area a more pedestrian friendly area.

No mention made of safety concerns in the neighborhood as of late.

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Shooting on Old Dirty Alley


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