Fire at the Sunnyside SRO

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4/20: fire this morning at the sunnyside sro at 135 6th street.  the fire alarm started ringing about 6:30. lots of smoke, lots of plasticy-smell, no visible flames outside (from this vantage point anyway), a truckload of firemen (really), a little water, and some glass.  the smoke stopped billowing fairly quickly.  sffd was there for about 40 minutes. no injuries, and most folks were soon back in the building, although i imagine there are a few who are looking for alternate accommodation. what a way to start (or end) your day!

and someone tell the people on the fire escape on the top floor that you run *away* from the smoke and danger. unless you’re trying to clean up something first?

a side note, the sunnyside sro is owned and operated by the patel family of slumlords. on most weekend late-evenings and early-mornings you will likely catch a glimpse of some of the residents (or their guests) inside the building gate area having a relaxing hit off their crack-pipe. i have witnessed that behavior more than once. the patel’s are also apparently in such dire financial straits that they cannot afford to pay to have their refuse hauled away so they have their employees haul it to dumpsters belonging to and paid for by other folks. i have witnessed that behavior more than once, too.

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